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This is my perfect drama ending. Good-bye, oh angsty Asian Legolas, good-bye! :)

The Baby is an incipient Beatles fan - she calms down whenever I play some of their music and gets into an excellent mood.

In completely unrelated news, I decided that Queen Seon Deok had basically the perfect tragic end.

In fact, it's so perfect I am tempted to get the DVDs now. I drank it in so very much - it was wuxia levels of epic angst. And since I wasn't too emotionally invested either in Deokman or Bidam, I wasn't sad but just having a delicious meal of angst.

All you need to know is that they are lovers and he was deceived into a rebellion against her so she was forced to declare him the enemy of the state. And then, when it was too late to back out, he found out the truth. And now he will see her before the end or die trying. This being a kdrama, probably both.

Bidding farewell to the faithful retainer:

Troops appear and he goes all Legolas on them. He is cutting them down like wheat to get to Deokman.

General Yushin tells him to stop.

Good Luck. Bidam has always been a berserker maniac and that was before he found out that he threw away love for a lie and doesn't care if he lives or dies.

Is he hot or what?

Did I mention that he is singlehandedly mowing down a whole division?

It takes a whole unit of freaking archers to bring him down.

Wait a bit. Not even they can kill him 100%. Dude is one-person army. *swoon*

She can't even make a move towards him because her army and courtiers would see.

So he falls with her name on his lips: "Deokman. Deokman." Which is a whole other level of irony because as a Queen she is not supposed to have a name and he is committing treason by uttering it.

And he is stretching his hand out trying to touch to her even as he dies.

And she has to declare victory and joy over the body of her dead lover.

And as she finishes her declaration, all of a sudden, she falls to the ground beside him and looks at him and closes her eyes.

Guess which Queen does not ever recover and die asap? Ahhh, kdrama. So cheery.

Have a bit of a bonus of happpier times:

Bidam rescuing Deokman way back when, when she was just a nobody who many wanted better off dead:

Total cuteness:

And there was flower-giving:

And hand-holding:

Comfort - whoa, Queenie, you are not supposed to be this kind of close with your warriors!

Bidam definitely didn't get enough love as a child (I snark but that is canon as his evil Mom threw him away literally) but clearly he seeks to compensate whenever he can. Hugging the Queen is basically treason and lese majeste and God knows what but that doesn't stop him. Hey, she started it! See above :)

They are so very pretty.

See? OTP. Ironically, in front of the shrine to his Mother who was Deokman's biggest enemy (and if I got it correctly, Bidam was responsible for his Mother's death to protect Deokman - I've been skimming QSD so didn't see that part).

By sageuk standards, this is X-rated!

Buh-bye, you awesome OTP!
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