Ninjabear: coming for a stealth hug (dangermousie) wrote,

Qing Shi Huang Fei - ep 1

I watched it largely raw as the subs aren't out yet but found it pretty easy to follow. I am pretty in love with the drama and its clothes and colors.

Alo, I am currently shipping heroine with Wallace which is BAAAAD because uncanon. But, in my defense, we barely had a glimpse of Yan Kuan, i.e., her canon OTP, yet. And Wallace hasn't done anything crazy or bad - he aactually helped her escape by letting her pretend she took him hostage and then they hung out and she badgered him to have fun and then he intervened to save her from execution etcetc.

We'll see.

Also, Ruby's evil cousin is evil, executing a servant because she interruped her dancing.
Tags: doramas4, qing shi huang fei
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