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IRIS v. Athena: Round 1

The poster for Athena: Goddess of War is out and it is, perhaps unsurprisingly, strikingly similar to that of its predecessor IRIS.

Compare IRIS:

And Athena (courtesy of ockoala):

The same font, the same color scheme, the same composition, the same amount of people in the poster, the same vibe. Tortured Spy is front and center in both (of course) and we also have ladylike-yet-steely-and-kickass love interest to his right, plus Evil Nemesis, Kickass Female Ally, Hot Young Thing for Teenyboppers, and Experienced Character Actor Playing Ambiguous in both.

I am not big on copycat posters in general, but since Athena is an AU continuation of IRIS, I actually love the synchronicity. I am also glad to see the trailer and poster look intense. The previous stuff gave it more of a lightish Bond-type vibe and while there is nothing wrong with it, the reason I loved IRIS so (it's in my Top 5 kdramas of all time) was its teeth-gritting, tortured intensity. I am glad to see Athena isn't dispensing with it after all.

Hmmm, to compare the leading people, just for kicks:

Hero: Lee Byung Hun was what made IRIS for me. He's also my favorite Korean actor, so he wins this round. But this was a tough ne because Jung Woo Sung is frelling amazing and as Daisy and Musa demonstrate cane bring intense and tortured in spades. So winner is LBH for now. Who know how I will feel once the drama gets going.

Heroine: Kim Tae Hee hands down. I think she's gorgeous, I love her always playing tough/smart, I love her vibe and I think she's a decent actress. Su Ae, OTOH - I've seen her in two very different dramas (Emperor of the Sea and 9 End 2 Out) and she faded into woodwork into both of them. Not a fan. This said, I love her look in Athena and the vibe she has in the trailer, so hopefully she'll convert me.

Sexy Nemesis: Sorry, Jung Joon Ho, I will always love you as the feckless movie star in Last Scandal, but I am going to pick Cha Seung Won over you. He can do menacing and dark and sexy like nobody's business but your character sort of faded into woodwork in IRIS.

Tough Ally Lady: Draw. Kim So Yeon was unbelievable in IRIS but Lee Ji Ah portrayed my ultimate favorite female character in Legend where she was tough and funny and awesome and and and...

Hot Young Thing for Teenyboppers: Choi Siwon, duh. He can actually act. Sorry, TOP fangirls, I don't know if your boy can act, but he certainly didn't have to in IRIS.

Also, is it too early for the death poll? My predictions:

Lee Ji Ah: chance of death - 40% - Female tough ally doesn't get killed because, sadly, it won' torture the hero enough.

Jung Woo Sung: Chance of death - 60% - Hello, resident tortured agent here! The only reason it's not higher is because we've all seen IRIS and would they want to do the same ending twice?

Su Ae - chance of death - 75% - You know what would torture hero enough? If his one true love bought it at the end. I am putting Su Ae's odds pretty high because if Athena ends happily I'll eat my socks and since the female part of the OTP survived in IRIS, she is the more likely one to go in Athena.

Choi Siwon - chance of death - 80% - Eye candy is dispensable.

Cha Seung Won - chance of death - 95% - he's the bad guy. Good guys may perish but bad guys definitely will. The only reason he isn't getting a clean 100% is because of Athena's predecessor's grim nihilistic view - the real bad guys in that one escaped punishment and plan to strike again.

But enough about my blathering, how about you get to vote?

Poll #1646361 Athena Death Poll: get your votes in before drama starts and see how well you do!

Which Athena characters will bite it by the end?

Jung Woo Sung
Su Ae
Cha Seung Won
Lee Ji Ah
Choi Siwon
They will all bite it - at the end a giant meteor will crush Seoul, obliterating them all

Now vote! Nekkid spies Jung Woo Sung and Su Ae want you to!

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