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Goong: hugs from the back, hair-kisses, platonic bed sharing, and all the ship you want

Episodes 15 and 16 are such a motherlode of delicious Shin/Chae-Gyung goodness.

I totally love the scene in the woods. It's an absolute love confession, but such a Shin one: so full of clauses and clarifications which muddle up it all even worse, than one can understand why young and inexperienced Chae-Gyung has no idea that is what Shin means. Even better, I don't think Shin fully realizes it himself. And the hug he pulls her into! And the kiss on her hair!

And then we get the scene at that concert! And kiss on the cheek. And the awesome scene with their stolen day out, with playing on the beach (I love how he takes all these photos of her, and acts his age) and cooking (he is hopeless at knowing what to get) and sleeping together (platonic sleepovers ftw) where he draws her closer while falling asleep. For someone who has such issues about personal space, he is very touchy-feely with CG. I also love the huge contrast between her and Hyo-Rin (who is her usual, attention-seeking cow btw): CG worries this is a farewell trip and Shin disabuses her, while it never even occured to HR that Thailand could have been that, even if Shin is married. I am also reminded of my total blinding hatred of Shin's Dad (I love how Shin protects CG by saying none of the thing with Yul is because of her, even if it is), and Yul, shut the frak up, with your stupid 'give Shin back to Hyo-Rin' talk. Not only is Shin not a thing, you know they like each other, and your 'he's opened up to you nut not as much to HR' is a blatant lie, and you know it.

I love CG's openness in admitting she likes Shin, to him.

Caps of awesomeness.

The scene in the woods with the confession:

HAIR KISS!!!!!!!!!!!

Telling his father he knows he (King) was always disappointed in him.

CG's parents imagine Shin as an abusive husband:

But decide it's more likely CG would be an abuser instead :P

At a concert:

He really likes touching her:

LOL. Waiting for CG outside the restroom:

Her shoes are broken:

Surrounded by journalists:


About to suggest their sunrise trip:

On the beach!

At their overnight place:

Food shopping:


Eating. Awww, Shin.

Platonic yet USTful bed-sharing!

This scene, when they are home, is made of adorable:

Oh man, he looks so besotted and happy:

Only CG can make the reserved Shin smile like that:

Playful in school:

If you are a kdrama fan, you know all this happiness means a major stretch of angst is coming :)

But for now, I am still smiling at the cute and awkward OTP:

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